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Update by user Oct 21, 2013

Well...It has been more than 30 days since I realized just how bad this company is and to update everyone - nothing has changed. Appliances Connection has still not picked up the damaged range hood which is taking up an inordinate amount of space in my living room and still has not made arrangements to deliver a new, undamaged unit. They continue to play games. On October 9, 2013 they sent me an update and invoice saying they were going to replace, but after numerous inquiries as to when I haven't received word one.

This company must make more money doing business in this manner than they would on repeat business. Had this order been fulfilled as expected I still had more appliances to order, i.e. dishwasher, wine cooler, fridge, etc. I am just grateful that I learned what they are all about before ordering more appliances.

Bottom line - still no satisfaction from this company!

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2013

Please read reviews prior to ordering from this company, I wish I had. Ordered a 48” Broan Range Hood $1,100.00. Arrived in box that look undamaged (same as many others). Even after we took the top of the box off it looked fine until we preparing to install and looked at the underneath which is severely dented and also appears to have manufacturer defects. I was unable to lift item on my own and shippers didn’t offer to help.

Within a few days I contacted them about the damaged, defective item and waited 6 days for them to contact me about complaint. When they did they were verbally abusive and threatening ( I don’t scare easy – I fight back). Told them I would be contacting New York AG and Maine AG. Aaron told me to go ahead as they were friends with the New York AG, which might explain why this company has gotten away with these tactics time and time again.

Aaron told me I was going to have to pay to ship it back – are you kidding me – you send me *** and I am supposed to pay. Try that with someone else Aaron. He told me he was a Brooklyn *** and that they knew how to “handle” people from Maine – what in the *** does that mean?????? That guy came up to Maine and approached people in this manner and he would leave with his tail between his legs – yes, I am sure he must have a tail. I have purchased many items throughout my life as we all have, but have never encountered anyone so abusive, rude, crude and so many other adjectives. I hung up on him as I do not deal with trash.

He called me back and said I would not have to pay for shipping and the item would be picked up and replaced at the same time but I would have to pay for item again – yes all

$1,100.00. Never heard of such a thing and I have returned items before. He told me he would send me an email with instructions on how to give them my cc info. I told him I would be looking for it to hand over to my brother who is an attorney. Guess what never received that email. My brother by the way said “no way” and agreed the AG’s need to be notified which will happen first thing Monday morning. It is appalling that we allow companies such as this to operate in our country. In my opinion they need to be shut down and quickly. There are so many reviews that are so similar in problems and AP tactics (too many to count), please do yourself a favor and do not order from this company or you too could become a victim.

After a few days a guy named Calvin called me and harassed me because I did not fall for his tricks, attempting to get me to pay for shipping for a damaged appliance I received. When that didn’t work and I hung up he kept calling me and pleaded with me to listen as he was “going to help me out”. Again they wanted me to pay for the appliance again just like with Aaron. By the way he told me there was no Aaron there. I also spoke with a Samantha who again was some imaginery person. They say they are going to deliver and pick up the damaged appliance and then say they need you to pay for it again, until they get it back. Well if you are delivery and picking up on same day as you stated – what the *** are they trying to pull. He also said they would help me after I removed the much deserved bad reviews. I have also contacted Broan-Nutone. These companies should not allow outfits such as this to sell their products.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Willoughby, Ohio, United States #947563


to Anonymous Wiscasset, Maine, United States #947613

Broan made good on it at no charge - because AppliancesConnections make these companies look bad. They have the power to stop them from selling their products - but they do not and I called them out on it.

If vendors stop them in the tracks, which they should, AppliancesConnections won't be able to rip so many off. AppliancesConnections is nothing but a bunch of *** artists and the New York AG won't stop it. You have to make yourself the skweekyist (sp) wheel out there. I found all the contact info for the CEO at Broan and emailed and called many times a day until they relented.

It was either that or be out $1,100.00+. Good luck - it can be done.

to Anonymous Wiscasset, Maine, United States #947716

I don't know why they asterick out the word *** - it is afterall what AppliancesConnections is. They lie, threaten and steal - out and out steal and then simply laugh about it.

to Anonymous Wiscasset, Maine, United States #947719

What is wrong with c - o - n I didn't know that was a bad word. It's what they are.

That's like Obama calling Christians citizens. I like to to be clear in my descriptions.


So here is another update. Calvin contacted me on Wednesday October 23, 2013 in the evening. Let's take a step back. On October 9, 2013 I received an invoice drawn up by Appliances Connection stating that they would p/u the damaged range hood they sent me and deliver a new, undamaged range hood. Up until 10/23/2013 I never heard another word although I did try to contact them via email.

This invoice is in essence a legal, binding contract. On 10/23/2013 Calvin said they would do nothing unless I removed all the well-deserved reviews I had posted online. He said I was bashing Appliances Connection - not so, since I was only posting the truth (100%). I told him no way, no how but that I would remove and in fact update if they made this situation right. This is right inline with what others have posted that they ask consumers to right good reviews prior to even receiving their orders.

Bottom line is when I told him it would only be removed when they made good, he told me then I would have to keep the damaged range hood they sent me. Today I intend to contact the Federal Trade Commission unless I get an actual p/u and shipping date by noon today. I encourage all of you that have been ripped off and threatened by this company to also contact the FTC.

If it costs me $1,100.00 to expose this company for what they are, then I guess that is OK if it saves others and prevents them from doing this over and over.


I encourage anyone that has had the same horrific nightmare when purchasing through Appliancesconnection.com to contact the manufacturer. Encourage that manufacturer to read the list of complaints against this company.

Most reputable companies do not want the reputation of their product to be damaged. Companies have a considerable amount of control over who sells or does not sell their product. The way to affect this company is through their ability to sell products and through their wallet.

Although the manufacturer may not be directly responsible for whatever has happened to your appliance, their products reputation is most definitely affected. Hold the manufacturers feet to the fire.

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