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Everything I wanted was discontinued... horrible place.

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The prices are pretty amazing, however the customer service is poor. I ordered two products on the same day (same order) and didn't realize I had a typo with the zip code. Product 1 (a range hood) was delivered by FedEx and had no issues - they figured out the typo and delivered my produce within one week. It's now been 10 days since I initially placed my order and I still have not received Product 2 (an oven). I'm still not sure why different... Read more

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BUYERS BEWARE!!!! They may reel you in for a cheaper price than the other competitor, but you may end up paying even heavier price later. If you EVER have to return or need support on your purchase, EVEN IF IT’S THEIR FAULT, you will end up paying very hefty price for it especially if you are an out of state or online purchaser. They will not hesitate to sell you the returned or the opened items to you as new. And if you ever have to return it... Read more

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As others have stated, their website is extremely misleading. When a product says it is "Available" it really is not. Your order can take extremely long to process after they take your money. It's a SCAM to get your business by exaggerating the availability of the product. Read more

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Buyer beware!! Horrible customer service, once you have the product you are stuck with it. I received a dishwasher and didn't install it right away. When we did it was throwing codes. Come to find out the bottom was so damaged it is unusable. Appliance Connection will do NOTHING! We are now out $830. Read more

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The service guy who came out was friendly enough but he talked to me like a *** woman. He told me the built up detergent & mold growning in the drain was normal. WHAT?? Then proceeded to tell me thst there wasnt anyway to insulate a dishwasher. Funny i can find dishwasher insulation all over the web. I might be an older person but dont talk to me like i have a 2nd grade education and cant understand the simplicity if how a dishwasher runs. Read more

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My problem was NOT resolved. Appliance Connection choose to use UPS as a shipping agent and as such, should be held responsible for any problems UPS causes. The item was sent out once. I gave Sears all my contact information with instructions(to be passed along to Appliance Connection) to contact me with a tracking number and the date/time it was to be delivered. I was not. Then, when no one was home to accept it, it was shipped back and it was... Read more

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Omg, worst company ever to deal with. First off, they make applying for credit easy, but then your first order you have to basically scan and sign your life away. ID's, contracts, proof of address. Plus they rush your order cause you have to do over phone since you don't have the actual card. Plus, they don't price match like they advertise. My person told me to drive to the store that it was cheaper at, ask them the price and buy it there.... Read more

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First the delivery with White Glove and Installation. Brought dryer vent not to code and had no idea how to install the units. Had me sign for the units and said they would credit me for the installation. As to the white glove delivery, they left boxes and Styrofoam all over my lawn. Never got the credit and the company said because I signed the units must have been installed. The responses were downright nasty. Had to go to the State's... Read more

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Horrible company! $14000 in appliances purchased from them, white glove delivery... NOT! Our $5599.00 Perlick frig/freezer began acting up immediately. Thank goodness we purchased the warranty package. After many attempts to fix it through the warranty company, Perlick decided to replace the unit. 2nd unit arrived, same issue. So Perlick (great company) issued a full refund but had to go through the dealer. After being told on several... Read more

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